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Become a Supporter of Marin City Sausalito FC!

Marin City Sausalito FC deeply values the generous support of our soccer community. We depend on the contributions of our families, local businesses, private donors, and corporate sponsors to sustain and enhance our programs. These funds aid in providing financial aid, necessary training and game equipment, essential gear for our athletes and coaches, as well as the creation of new programs for our young athletes. We gratefully accept donations of any amount, ranging from $1 to the extent you wish to contribute.

The club warmly welcomes ongoing support and is flexible in accommodating donor preferences for how their contributions are utilized.

For more information on how you can support our mission, please visit our website. If you would like to join us in inspiring and advancing talented and dedicated youth soccer players, please click the link below…

Marin City Sausalito FC is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with Tax ID 88-3227900 and state charity registration number CT0282667. Any gift is fully tax-deductible.