Club Calendar


Our competitive team schedule for the Fall 2024 season. (Will differ slightly for each team depending on age group)

May 7-11Team tryouts
May 16Invitations to play on a team
May 24Non-refundable deposit Due
August 5-9Pre-season training camp
August 12, 14, 16Pre-season training camp
August 10/11Pre-season Tournament *
August 13Regular season Training begins
August Mid-LateLeague games begin**
August 18Regular season Training begins
August 17-18Pre-Season Tournament *
August 24-25Pre-Season Tournament *
September 21-22Tournament weekend *
October 26-27Tournament weekend *
November 19Regular season ends
Early December5v5 Shoot Out Tournament *

* Tournaments may change depending on each team’s schedule, player availability and acceptance into the tourney.
** The start date for league games will be announced once the league publishes the schedule.