About Us


Marin City Sausalito Football Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of youth soccer players in Marin City, Sausalito, Marin County and San Francisco County.  The core of our mission is to advance, promote and administer the game of soccer among youth without regard to race, gender, or economic advantage.  To that end, we focus on creating an environment that instills a lifelong passion for soccer in young players. We believe creating passionate players is the result of a fun, supportive and positive experience where youth can be challenged, develop life skills and learn from each other in a culturally and socio-economically diverse environment. We hold those values at the heart of our culture and everything we do.

As a new club, providing opportunities to kids from socio-economic and racially diverse backgrounds is paramount to our mission. From kids who never played on an organized team to players who could not continue to play at clubs they could no longer afford, we feel honored to serve them and be part of creating and rebuilding their passion for a game that offers so many lifelong lessons and benefits to kids of all backgrounds.

In our first year we take pride in having helped one third of our players participate, with an average of 75% financial assistance, in what’s become a “Pay-to-Play” competitive soccer system. From participating in a competitive league and competing in tournaments near and far, to hosting camps and clinics run by elite academies from countries recognized throughout the world that share their soccer culture with us, MCS FC offers valuable opportunities to kids who have so little and deserve so much more.

Equally important to our mission of engaging underserved families in the beautiful game of soccer, we also aspire to create an environment for those who already have access and opportunity, to experience a world that is more representative of the diversity that exists beyond their homogenous and affluent communities. Creating a space of diversity and inclusivity will prepare children to be more fluid in their interactions with one another through a better understanding of the various people they will undoubtedly engage with into adulthood.

The growth of the club will be affected by a few factors: how well we serve our soccer community, through the support of the families who make up our club and with their promotion as they share their experiences with others. We are truly grateful for the continued support of our soccer community. Through our dedication and hard work, we are driven to level the playing field in competitive soccer for our youth!

Celebrating a soccer moment on the field!


Ashley Brown Castro – Director
Lou Flourival – Director/Treasurer
Stevie Lee – Director


Alvaro Pastor – President
Celimene Pastor – Secretary
Maria Campos – Financial Assistance Liaison