Club Code of Conduct

MCS FC Club Code of Conduct

Introduction: The Marin City Sausalito FC Code of Conduct embodies our core values and aspirations. This code applies to players, parents, and spectators, outlining our shared commitment to upholding the spirit of our club.

Commitment and Ethics:

  • Parental Role: As a parent, I’ll support my child, their teammates, and coaches as a positive contributor and role model. I’ll abstain from instructing players during training and competitions.
  • Health and Support: My well-being is important. I will maintain a healthy lifestyle and encourage my peers to do the same.
  • Wholehearted Commitment: I am dedicated to my teammates, the team, the club, and my personal growth throughout the season. Our team’s achievements are built on the collective commitment we bring to our training environment.
  • Attendance and Effort: I will attend all team training sessions and matches that I am able to. Punctuality, full participation, and giving my utmost effort are my commitments.
  • Honoring Commitments: I will uphold specific commitments made both at Marin City Sausalito FC and elsewhere, showing respect for my responsibilities.
  • Open Communication: I pledge honesty in my communication with my coach, and I will engage with them in a manner that acknowledges their leadership and expertise. I’ll observe a “24-hour cooling off period” before addressing any highly emotional issues.
  • Positive Influence: I’ll uplift my teammates with positive and constructive words during training and matches, leaving tactical guidance to the coach. I won’t criticize or belittle others.
  • Integrity and Fairness: I will be a trustworthy individual who adheres to high ethical standards, prioritizing fairness and sportsmanship. I’ll stand for what’s right, even when it’s challenging.
  • Exemplifying Character: I will consistently demonstrate good character, self-discipline, and serve as a positive role model for my team, club, and sport.
  • Honor and Respect: I’ll embody honor in both competition and life, refraining from dishonesty, cheating, or unsportsmanlike behavior. I’ll protect the integrity of the game.
  • Respect for All: I will treat everyone with respect, mirroring the treatment I expect to receive. I’ll show respect for game officials and opponents, maintaining perspective in both victory and defeat.
  • Safety and Responsibility: I will play and compete responsibly, ensuring the safety of myself and others, refraining from intentional harm or reckless actions.

Disciplinary Action: 

  • All disciplinary measures resulting from a breach of this Code of Conduct lie within the discretion of the team Coach, the club’s Senior Technical Staff, club President, and the Board of Directors. Consequences may include the suspension or expulsion of players or parents. 
  • Dismissed players and their families will not receive reimbursement for fees or other costs.

This Code of Conduct reflects our collective dedication to nurturing a respectful, honorable, and sportsmanlike environment at Marin City Sausalito FC. By embracing these principles, we enhance our club’s culture and continue to uphold its reputation.