MCSFC Brings the Best Youth Academies to Marin!

Marin City Sausalito FC is committed to bringing the top youth development academies in the world to Marin for players to experience the methodologies that produce players who strive to be the best. In collaboration with California Youth Sports Management, we have hosted academy coaches from Dynamo Zagreb in Croatia and SL Benfica in Portugal. Both of these powerhouse youth academies have developed countless players who they’ve sold for almost 1 billion to top clubs worldwide.

The success of these academies has been achieved through their player development methodology. One which values long term development of the player, ensures his/her experience is challenging, progressive and focused on the development process of the player rather than game results.

Register to train with certified coaches from youth academies that have a track record of producing the best players to ever play the beautiful game of soccer. Train under the guidance of professional academy coaches who will provide players with high-level training through their methodology.

Below re some of the players developed and sold by SL Benfica and Dynamo Zagreb: